Fashion Faux Pas – It Happens To The Best Of Us

Cher Lloyd

It’s OK to confess. We’ve all done it – committed a truly awful fashion faux pas in public. We’ve all tried double denim, kitten heels and pedal pushers and thought they looked good. It’s only when we look back that you think “What the hell was I wearing?”

Call it what you want – a wardrobe malfunction, frock horror, or fashion blunder – they all mean the same thing. But somehow there always seem to be one that we remember.

A personal favourite of mine has to be the infamous Versace matching leather outfits worn by David and Victoria Beckham in 1999. I now wonder how two of the best-dressed people could have got it so wrong. Double leather is bad enough but matching couples outfits has to be the biggest fashion NO NO. Thankfully, since then, Posh and Becks have avoided matching ensembles and continue to be present day fashion icons.

For me, my most recent fashion faux pas included acid wash distressed jeans. I know what you’re thinking. The look was inspired by… Cher Lloyd after her first X Factor audition. I wanted to look just like her. I went out and brought the most ripped/distressed jeans I could find and teamed them with black pointed ankle boots. It’s safe to say I wore these jeans all the time.

They barely covered my legs, I was constantly cold but I thought I looked good so that was all that mattered. Now when I look back on this image I can only cringe at what I looked like and, of all things, Cher Lloyd was my influence? At the time I thought she had the coolest outfit and in actual fact it was the most impractical and fashionably atrocious outfit.

In some way it could be social pressure? We feel the need to wear a type of shoe or denim and think we’ll look good or emulate our icon but it’s all relative to the times and trend.

Somehow I think it’s funny. We will look back in a few years or even months and think how horrendous we looked but, like all trends they end up coming full circle, we end up forgetting our darker moments and throw on the same thing and do it all over again.

Ripped jeans, anyone?

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