Becks In His Kecks…Again

It appears David Beckham can do no wrong when it comes to his brand image and he is now continuing his partnership with H&M in a new collection of underwear.

In a promotion video published on YouTube today (January 23), David Beckham is free running along urban roofs and its surroundings in a behind the scenes film for his new spring underwear range.

The video is directed by Danish creative, Nicolas Winding Refn. Refn is known for directing Drive and Only God Forgives starring Ryan Gosling and the Gucci Première advertisement featuring Blake Lively.

Nicolas states in the video required David to do all his own stunts by saying “it had to be David.” It sees Beckham free running and zip lining across an inner-city skyline (all in his new collection of boxers and vests) to get to a photo-shoot.

The video has been shot in two different 30 second scenarios both going by different names of “#Covered” and “#Uncovered”.

Good old Golden Balls will let the public decide which scenario will get aired during the Super Bowl on February 2 via the H&M website.

I can hear it now, women of the world praying for the latter.

If this is the case its not just men that will be buying this collection when it hits H&M stores around the North East and the rest of the UK in Spring.

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