It’s Here! Kate Moss’ Haunting McQueen Campaign

IT’S HERE! The final installment of the Alexander McQueen fashion film trilogy has arrived alongside the campaign shots.

McQueen once said: “I find beauty in the grotesque, like most artists. I have to force people to look at things.”

If this is the case, then the Sarah Burton the driving force behind the McQueen brand, is living up to Lee’s expectations and the Spring/Summer 2014 collection is no exception.

Over the past few days, two videos have been uploaded to YouTube for prying fashion eyes and now the final fashion film installment has appeared.

So what has the conclusion piece given us?

The sounds of the wind and rustling leaves on a dark, wet cobbled street paint the scene for the haunting installment. The camera pans to a TV shop with the TV’s in the window showing macabre imagery with a lonely bystander seen in teaser video two onlooking.

The lonely onlooker from a distance has this Tilda Swinton quality about them, their hair channeling David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust days.

This closely cropped androgynous hair cut is a vibrant yellow and swept back from the face into a Teddy Boy style quiff.

The camera pulls back revealing a man walking towards the onlooker, from this point onwards the film is viewed behind a black cross across the screen.

This viewpoint has now given the film a voyeuristic quality to it. As the man walks towards the observer, the camera pulls in tight revealing Kate Moss as the onlooker.

This is Moss’s first ever McQueen campaign even though she has been associated to the brand for many years, either by modeling in shows or because she was friends with the late designer.

Moss looks directly into the camera, her eyes piercing the lens into the viewer’s soul. She leads us to a doorway, the key rattling noise at the front door over exaggerated for a troubling effect. The male (our view point) throws a doll into a bin full of paper, the doll echoing Moss’s outfit to a tee.

Kate leads us up the creaking stairs to her dark and atmospheric bedroom. She removes her black leather belted jacket. Her silhouette outlined by a Picasso style picture in the background that is lit-up; her yellow hair glowing in the uncomfortable darkness.

Moss moves to her bed, removing her belt from her gladiatorial style outfit. She invites us to come and join her in her bed, her gaze never leaving the lens. A beam of light suddenly enlightens her face, Kate falls on to the bed, and the sound of the camera clicking is heightened.

Quick cuts of previous scenes from the film are shown, as well as Kate’s face in various signs of distress and with one final loud sound it cuts to the Alexander McQueen logo and the credits.

The short fashion film and campaign imagery is directed/shot by Steven Klein, who has worked with Alexander Wang, produced editorial spreads for American Vogue, GQ Style and most recently Interview Magazines February 2014 front cover and interview spread of Kanye West.

Klein is said to of taken inspiration for the fashion film from 1960’s British thriller film Peeping Tom.

The promotion images for the Spring/Summer 2014 collection, follows the same concept of the film. It’s dark, austere and somewhat haunting.

Moss poses with her mini me voodoo doll, but also the classic McQueen style clutch and ‘Heroine’ bag seen in various guises over many McQueen seasons.

Her outfits are synonymous with the brands style of high fashion meets the perverse, with pleated school girl-esque skirts, high collars and corseted waists created in blood red and black leather.

This is a collection not for the faint hearted. View the campaign here.

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