Made In Chelsea Star Campaigns For PETA

Lucy Watson PETA Photocall - London

Lucy Watson, the Made in Chelsea reality star has been revealed as the new face of the animal ethics organisation’s anti-fur campaign.

Lucy Watson is most known for her infamous catfights on E4’s Made in Chelsea, but the socialite has turned her attention in favour of supporting animal rights.

Posing beside the striking new billboard ads in London today, Lucy is pictured baring all for the world to see.

Also featuring her cascading brunette locks and sultry looks, she’s not renowned for doing things by halves. In a photo posted on her Instagram the board reads: “Fur? I’d rather go naked.”

The advert, released by PETA, is all about representing animal’s rights and stopping the production of fur by designers and shops.

Lucy also voiced her opposition to wearing animal fur to her followers on Twitter too, stating: “There is nothing glamorous about ripping fur off an animal’s back whilst they are still alive so you can have a nice coat.”

Rightly, Lucy states there are plenty of alternatives to real fur nowadays that are still glamorous , she simply says: “Take note people. Wear faux fur.”

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