Is Wearing Denim For A Job Interview Acceptable?


One straight leg blue denim, one acid wash skinny denim, one boyfriend pair, one red pair, one denim skirt, one denim jacket and three pairs of denim shorts. What denim is in your wardrobe?

Littlewoods research revealed last week that denim is becoming more accepted in formal situations such as interviews, dates and eating breakfast at the Ritz (because we all do that right?) However it has seriously divided the Fashion North office.

British women wear jeans 152 days out of the year, so that is five months out of the twelve that we stick our trusty denim pieces on and style them up or down. On average we have eight pairs at any one time in our wardrobe, so it is no surprise that they are becoming more accepted because let’s face it, that is the main bulk of our wardrobe!

Our Editor, Victoria, loves to experiment with denim in the FN office.
"I would still consider wearing denim for work. You can always dress it up. I've recently bought some gingham print jeans that would work well!" said FN's Shopping Editor.
Our Deputy Editor, Amy said: "The furthest I would go into denim for an interview would be a very discrete and tight pair of black jeans."
"Black pants are just hideous! Skinny jeans make my legs look better," said our PR Manager.

Now would YOU wear the nation’s favourite fabric to a job interview? Our PR manager Chloe Watson agrees with the 31% of women that now wear jeans for work and said: “Black pants are just hideous! Skinny jeans make my legs look better and when teamed with a blazer and heeled ankle boots is the perfect look for work or an interview.”

“Wearing denim for an interview is fine with me. I wear denim for everything as long as it looks smart!” – Company magazine editor, Victoria White.

Over to our fashion news editor, Nicolle Whitaker, who completely disagrees: “I would be too scared to turn up to an interview wearing denim. It is way too casual.” Nicolle would instead opt for a simple shift dress and tights, dressed up with a statement scarf.

Mixing things up abit our editor Victoria Higham would also wear denim for an interview: “I think denim can be a really cool look, but the key is in the accessories. Always dress it up with the jewellery or the shoes and if going for jeans make them dark and skinny, please no scruffy flares!”

It is the 25-34 year olds who are the most inclined to wear denim on a glamorous night out and 46% of us would wear them on a first date. So there you have it, we will let you decide for yourselves but it is clear to see just how popular denim is becoming.

Check out our save, spend or splurge pieces as to whether you agree with the £42 average price tag that us Brits spend on jeans!

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 14.01.03

SAVE – New Look high rise skinny jeans, £22.99

SPEND – Topshop MOTO Leigh jeans, £38

SPLURGE Levi Empire skinny jeans, £130

Now we want your view. Would you ever dream of wearing denim in an office? What about for an interview? Vote below in our poll:

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