Sibling AW14 beauty trends

Britain London Fashion Week A/W 2014 - Sister by Sibling

Today Sister By Sibling showcased their much anticipated A/W collection, and on a wet and miserable day what more could we ask for?

Unlike their S/S14 “Vintage Housewife” theme, they have gone all “1970s meets Little House on The Prairie” on us. A look which I’m definitely not complaining about.

In classic Sibling style, hair was BIG. Last season we seen hair slicked back and the return of the beehive.

However, hair this season is a lot more laid back and casual. Loose curls and 70s waves bounced their way up and down the catwalk. Shorter hair was styled in an edgy pixie crop. Sibling also gave a nod to the “Woodstock” era and topped long, flowing locks with wide brim hats.

Two words to describe this season’s hair: effortlessly cool.

Eyebrows, cheeks and lips were the three key features in this show. Cheekbones were emphasised using dark contours of glittery browns, while the face was a simple, no fuss, nude complexion.

Lips were luscious with soft tones of nudes and peach.

Eyebrows were thick with subtle definition; think less Lily Collins, more Cara Delevingne. Eyes were kept simple, just a minuscule swipe of nude eye shadow finished the overall look.

The main beauty trend here is minimalism. Barely there make up stages the face with accents of dark colour to emphasizes the main features. Hair is not fussy, with loose curls creating an uncomplicated, unpolished, poised look.

• 70s hair

• Wavy hair

• Loose curls

• Defined eyebrows

• Nude eyes

• Pale lips

• Wide brim hats

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