How Far Would You Go For Lashes And Brows?

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There are so many beauty products on the market promising to make women even more beautiful and flawless.

We wear foundation to even out our skin tone and use concealers to hide spots and blemishes. We contour to give an illusion of prominent cheekbones or a thinner nose and we fill in our brows to perfectly frame our faces. Some women even get their make-up tattooed on!

But how far would you go to have longer, volumised lashes and fuller brows all year round without having to apply falsies?


We’ve heard about the new trend of gluing on brow extensions, which is becoming more and more popular in the UK, but has it gone one step too far? What do you think about taking the hair from your head and putting it onto your face?

Elizabeth Cook, 36, from Essex has been revealed as the first woman in the UK to have both eyebrow and eyelash transplants done on the same day. She claimed that the glue from wearing fake lashes caused her own lashes to fall out and she was not happy with her natural brows.

The surgery, which costs £8,000 and takes about three hours, involves taking a strip of hair from the back of your scalp, removing the hair follicles and then transplanting them onto your eyebrows individually and threading them into your lashes. The transplanted hair grows like the hair on your head but has to be trimmed and curled every couple of weeks to blend in with your natural hair.

Is the beauty industry taking things too far with the likes of botox, fillers and hair transplants? Is it something you would ever consider doing? Let us know what you think by tweeting us @fashion_north or by voting in our poll below:

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