My Collection Of…Hair Accessories

I calculated that I may have around £200 worth of hair accessories.
Hairbands are a way of helping me express my style.
I like to wear stand out pieces opposed to plain ones.
I think I have a headband for every day of the month.
I liked this band so much that when it broke, I spent ages repairing it.

I began collecting headbands and hair accessories when I was about 14-years-old.

I calculated that I must have about £200 worth, ranging from floral crowns, embellished 20’s style and lace bands, hair ties and headscarves and hippy, feathered styles to name but a few. I think my most expensive band was about £26.

I began collecting hair accessories I think because when I was at school I always looked quite neat and preppy and my uniform wasn’t exactly attractive (burgundy blazer anyone?)

Therefore I needed another way to express my style and headbands helped me to do that.

I probably have a headband for every day of the month, after a little while that’s what I became known for.

I tend to go for more standout pieces rather than plainer ones, I like to pick hair accessories which are different to what a lot of other people are wearing. I like to choose one’s which reflect my personality and I used to be quite daring with styles.

This summer, I intend to invest in more giant floral bands and feathered woven styles, to get me through the long (and hopefully hot) summer days.

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