Justin Timberlake Tops The Most Stylish Men List 2014

Former flames Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake turned up for the 2001 American Music Awards in coordinated denim outfits. Not a good look JT.
Going solo, Justin's style quickly evolved into baggy pants, baggy jackets and a lot of white.
The 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards showcased Justin in a tweed number. He was back with a vengeance!
Justin's Suit And Tie phase saw a lot of...erm...suits and ties.

Beaten to the post last year by former England captain, David Beckham, Justin made sure he was at the top of the 2014 Most Stylish Men List this time around.

The list, published by online TV channel Fashion One Television, compiled the world’s hottest stars, including the likes of Harry Styles, David Gandy, Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper.

To celebrate Justin’s top spot, we’re looking at some of JT’s most stylish moments.

Two words: double denim. Or should we say denim everything. Admittedly, Justin’s cleaned up his look since then, but come on, we had to mention it.

Then Justin ditched the denim and went for a plaid/tweed number. The 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards showcased the start of his mammoth comeback and we were definitely in for a treat.

No surprise the continuing ‘Suit and Tie’ phase may have contributed to Justin earning his most fashionable place, but who was he getting tips from? None other than designer, Tom Ford, who only got to number six on the list!

Those questionable corn rows and bleach blonde curls were thrown out and replaced with an extremely suave quiff – we definitely approve, Justin.

And, just as we thought denim was a no go zone for Justin, he brought it back. Thankfully, it was a brilliantly slick move and featured in his “TKO” music video.

Does Justin Timberlake do it for you or would you prefer it if Becks had taken the style crown? Vote below in our poll:

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