The Most Stylish Places To…Eat Fish And Chips

It’s the nation’s favourite meal and tills in every fish and chip shop in the North East are bound to be rattling as everyone keeps up the Easter tradition of fish and chips on Good Friday.

The catholic tradition originates from from fasting on the Friday before Easter Sunday, when people chose to eat fish and not meat. This has quickly developed into a national custom.

If you thought that fashion and food don’t mix, you really were very wrong as here at FN we can’t resist a trip to our local fish and chip restaurant.

Here are the most stylish places in the North East to eat fish and chips this Good Friday, get down quick to avoid the queues!

1) Bells Fish Shop, Durham


Getting two for the price of one, Bells Fish Restaurant is positioned right in the heart of Durham Market Place.

Don’t be put off by the medieval look on the outside as the interior has a fresh and modern look about it, with wooden carvings of fish decorated around the walls it certainly looks the part.

Especially with their five star awards winning fish and chips, there is no excuse not to try out their scrum my scampi. For only £3.50 at the takeaway section, it means you can sit outside and enjoy the sites of Durham.

For more information visit their website here.

2) D’acqua, Sunderland


Photograph courtesy of D’acqua

For those of you with a more cultured taste, D’acqua is a snazzy Sunderland restaurant in the city centre that really stands out from the crowd.

The word D’acqua translates as restaurant of water. Ran by a young team of qualified chefs, all of their produce comes from the North East.

D’acqua has recently launched its spring/summer menu full of English, French and Italian cuisine.

If beer battered sea bass fillet with proper mush peas is your thing, then head down to D’acqua for this twist on the classic. Visit the website for more information.

3) The Broad Chare, Newcastle


This is one for the theatre goers.

Situated next to the Live Theatre along the quayside, The Broad Chare provides proper pub food with the best Sea Fish Burger I have ever had and drizzled with Tartare sauce, it’s hard to say no.

If you have room left, I recommend their hearty treacle tart. This is hidden gem may be out of the town centre of Newcastle, but you feel right at home when you walk in and it’s definitely worth a trip if you’re off work on Good Friday. Visit the website here.

4) Davy’s Fried Fish Shop, Beamish

Cooking chips in Davy's Fried Fish Shop at Beamish

If you fancy a complete change and a new experience of eating fish and chips, travel back in time and visit the open outdoor museum of Beamish.

Davy’s Fried Fish Shop is located in The Pit Village of the museum. Beamish fish and chips are fried in a juicy beef dripping and then comes a traditional favourite, they wrap it up in the style of using printed newspaper. Visit the Beamish website for more details.

5) Merrills Fish Grill, Sunderland

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 16.03.24

This is a perfect destination for students as this award winning takeaway is just 20 minutes on the metro to Chester Road near to the University of Sunderland.

If you have had a long day of working and feel too tired to walk, Merrills Fish Grill offer an order online service. For a cone of chips, at a price of just £1.40 it’s a bargain for those on a tight budget. For online orders and any extra information, visit the website here.

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