Fancy Florals With ‘Oh My Love’


Fashion North had an interesting chat with ‘Oh my love’ concession manager for Topshop in Sheffield’s Meadowhall.

‘Oh my love’ is an exciting young fashion label for confident free spirited girls. The brand started in 2009 and has grown to become an international shopping destination for girls who like to dress with an edge.

We caught up with Chloe on her favourite trends for spring/summer 2014 and also the company’s best sellers in this season’s collection.

Chloe said: “My favourite trends at the minute are pastels and tropical florals, I love them!

“The company best sellers are our playsuits – no matter what patterns or colours. Our Lara playsuit, the one with the black trim is especially the best, but our Angela playsuit (plain black and white ones with lace trim) and our Gemma blue ditsy one are close sellers too.

Meanwhile, while Oh my love have had these playsuits in for a long time, their most recent and new best sellers are their 2-piece co-ord outfits. These matching pieces come in floral, safari, leopard, blue ditsy and best of all their newest one which is jungle print, which has sold extremely well in Chloe’s store at Meadowhall.

“Although certain lines are current with their shapes and structures I do feel that Oh my love don’t always stick to exact trends (popular prints) like other High Street shops. They have their own girly patterns and prints they like to stick to which works really well for the brand.”

Shop some of the best sellers now:


Lara playsuit £39 2


Lara Playsuit £39

Lara Playsuit, £39.


Gemma ditsy playsuit £35

Gemma ditsy playsuit £35


Floral crop £35

Floral crop £35.


Floral shorts £32

Floral shorts £32.


Floral crop £39

Floral crop £39.


Floral skirt £35

Floral skirt £35.


Angela Playsuit £35

Angela playsuit £35.

Like the look of this collection? Oh my love is available on their very own website as well as Topshop and ASOS.

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