The Face Of Newcastle Fashion Week – Fashion North Meets Bethan Sproat

Bethan Sproat

Hi Bethan, so, I bet you are exhausted after such a busy week, can you give us a quick run through of what you have been up to during Fashion Week?

I did three long days of catwalks including Saturday’s Company magazine catwalk that was from 7:30 in the morning til 9 at night! I’m going to miss getting hair and makeup done by professionals nearly every day! On top of this I attended the clueless event and Rox Royalty event. I tried to make the most of fashion week this year which has broken me, don’t think I’ve ever been so tired!

What was it like being the face of such a high profile event?

It’s been an honour, I couldn’t believe how lucky I am to be the face of NE1 Newcastle Fashion week! It seems crazy that just a year ago I had nothing to do with the industry, it was just a dream to be a model even just walking in fashion week. Plus it’s a pretty cool thing to be able to tell my kids when I’m older.

Which event was your favourite?

This is such a difficult question, I loved them all! I would say Saturday because it was a real taste of what runway modelling is about, crowded rooms full of quick changes and pretty people. Plus, I got to meet Julien Macdonald and carry a Balenciaga bag at the night time show. That just gave me a real buzz for what modelling can be about!

Which was your favourite outfit?

Each piece was fabulously unique and had it’s own charm. The Love Niche swimsuit and skirt was so beautiful and comfortable, I could see myself walking down a beach in the Seychelles wearing it. Then there was the Libertarian headpiece made from tweed and pheasant feathers which made me feel like a show girl. When I stepped on to the runway with that hat, there was literally gasps from the crowd which is a pretty good sign that the designer did the job right!

Did you get any special attention for being the face of the week?

To be honest I don’t think many people put two and two together and realised it was me! However there were a few occasions where people got photos next to me and I got a fair few congratulations! As usual though, most attention came from my family who I think managed to tell everyone they knew.

What were the other models like at the events? 

Behind the scenes was just as good as being able to model some fabulous clothing! There was a real buzz, especially on Wednesday because it was clear how proud all the local designers were of their pieces. I met some amazing models all with different experiences and backgrounds. Since there was a lot of just sitting around, it gave us a chance to get to know each other – everybody was just so canny, there was good crack!

Is modelling something you’ve always wanted to do?

Modelling has always been something in the back of my mind that I’ve toyed with the idea of for quite some time. I never really thought it was possible, I’ve always been told that it’s dream land thinking, but then I decided why not give it a go, what’s the worst that could happen? I entered the alternative modelling contest last year and got scouted by Boho Models, that’s when I realised anything is possible if you work for it (profound).

What are your plans for after Newcastle Fashion Week, when will we be seeing you next?

First step is to finish my A Levels!! Hopefully I’ll pass those and get the grades I need to study Physical Geography and Geology at Royal Holloway University of London. Doing that also means I’ll be just forty minutes away from the centre of London! This opens plenty opportunities to sign with a London based agency where I can go on to model at the likes of New York fashion Week and London fashion week! My plan is to work my ass off to get there and Newcastle Fashion Week has given me a taste for how awesome modelling is!

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