I Sunk Your Battleship: Life, Love and Liberty launch at Capology

ISYB featured

Last night, Capology, in the heart on Newcastle, played host to I Sunk Your Battleship’s latest collection.

The menswear brand, which started in 2013, combines the use of maritime semaphore to communicate subversively.

ISYB treated their passengers to food by Longhorns and their fiver newest designs, as well as ISYB classics.

Their new collection, Life, Love and Liberty, centres around five pocketed T-shirts in Liberty art fabrics. The five-set are available in a light cadet grey, dark battleship grey, vibrant ocean blue, sunshine yellow and a deep seaweed tone green, all having a unique patterned breast pocket. The designs range from a bold paisley, delicate daisies, an African safari and two traditional liberty prints.

The latest crew mates to the ISYB fashion force adds another element to the streetwear staples already on offer by them.

The brand houses traditional hoodies, baseball tees in monochrome, crew neck T-shirts and jumpers all designed with some playful semaphore flags or the brands Flagman logo. But if you’re a lover of hats then ISYB have you covered, with beanies and snapbacks with the No Hope flag flying high or discreetly spelling profanities to the world.

ISYB are a North East company that prides itself on being from the region, with the latest pieces being assembled in Lynemouth by Weave.

The newest recruits, I think would work well for not just guys, but also girls, as I saw them eyeing up the animal print details and traditional liberty prints. Making the newly limited line have appeal to everyone.

If you want to know more about the brand then check out our exclusive interview with their head of design and managing director, Ross McPhie here, or if you want to check out the website and see seafaring swearwords the brands have created then click here.

Join the ISYB crew by tagging them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and using the hashtag #ISYBCREW.

Look out for more things from the brand right here on Fashion North in the coming months.

I Sunk Your Battleship launch at Capology
I Sunk Your Battleship launch at Capology
I Sunk Your Battleship Lawn Liberty Pocket Tee
I Sunk Your Battleship Daisy Liberty Pocket Tee
I Sunk Your Battleship Queue for the Zoo Pocket Tee
I Sunk Your Battleship Inverted Fan Liberty Pocket Tee
I Sunk Your Battleship launch at Capology
I Sunk Your Battleship launch at Capology
I Sunk Your Battleship launch at Capology
I Sunk Your Battleship Flagman Snapback
I Sunk Your Battleship Live, Love & Liberty Tees
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