From freshers to fabulous fashion journalism finale

They started out as shy fashion journalism freshers at the University of Sunderland in September 2015 and enjoyed a Welcome Week trip to the YSL exhibition at Bowes museum, County Durham.

Today, the class of 2018 enjoyed their last-ever newsday in the Fashion North MediaHub working on editorial ideas and publishing fabulous content before working on their own fashion magazines and websites ahead of graduation next July.

If you want to join the Fashion North team and study with us click here

Look at them then and now, and read the open letters they have written to themselves as freshers. Warning: you might need a tissue. Sob.





Alyssa Stirling, Fashion North Editor 






Lauren-Marie Flint-Johnson, Social Media Editor 

Siobhan Roberts, Social Media Team 

Alex Willingham, Shopping Editor

Kaitlyn Miller, Social Media Team 

Lucie Simon, Beauty Editor

Anna Hope, Features Editor 

Kelsey McColgan, Social Media Team 

Vlad Gal, Fashion North Contributor 

Tubambe Manyena, Menswear Editor


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