Vintage Bikes – Who Would Have Thought?

Cycling - Victoria Pendleton Press Call - Berkeley Hotel

The 2012 Olympics promoted cycling like never before, and now designers are following suit and creating their own keep-fit fashion accessory. French manufacturer, Hermes, has announced the launch of their brand new $10,000 bike ready for sale in November.

With a colour scheme of a 1940s quintessentially British countryside bike, the vanilla bars and the chocolate brown leather seat and handlebars are feeding every vintage-hungry fashion lady desperate for a new accessory.

There is no doubt that it is highly unlikely that none of us have a spare $10,000 lying around in the back of our wardrobes, but Halfords has a less expensive, yet equally magnificent, alternative. Designed by Olympic Gold Medalist Victoria Pendleton, the £279.99 vintage range is available in white or duck egg blue.

Having sold ten of these bikes in the past month, Liam, spokesman for Halfords Sunderland store, has said that because of this new vintage range they are becoming increasingly popular and therefore a new accessory. By nearly double, more women’s bikes have been sold than men’s, with the dominant age range being between 18-30.

19-year-old Fallon Bates, inspired by Pendleton’s vintage range, chose her bike as a way to encourage her to cycle more, solely because the bike itself was “adorable.”

“Bikes in my eyes are definitely classed as a fashion accessory for women and young girls. It’s a way for us to express ourselves in another form, other than just clothing and make up.”

20-year-old Katharine Oliver, another firm follower of the new vintage bike craze, said: “Growing up in the countryside I was up surrounded by bike’s being the main source of transportation with all the women owning vintage bikes. This is why I have one but in general as vintage is becoming increasingly popular women want the latest fashion accessory, which this is.”

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