My Relationship With… Shoes

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When I was little, I remember going to my Nanna’s and trying on every shoe that she owned. I would clomp around her bedroom in them, admiring the pretty embellished shoes on my feet. Little did I realise just what my obsession with shoes would turn into.

Shoes, for different people have different meanings. They could be the shoes that you took your first steps in, your first pair of heels that you spent ages convincing your mum to get you or the heels that you wore to your prom.

I wouldn’t want to think how many pairs of shoes I own. I counted to 25 and then I had to stop; the guilt was too much. Let’s just say I own an awful lot of shoes.

I don’t think there is a girl that doesn’t LOVE shoes, whether they are kitten heels, stilettos, wedges, boots or flats in various different colours.

Some of shoes I own I have never worn and others I can barely stand in, never mind walk in. I moan all night that my feet hurt, but I would never in a million years even consider chucking them. Beauty is pain right?

My favourite shoes are a cobalt blue pair from Zara. As soon as I saw them I just knew I had to buy them. I love them to the point that it actually scares me to go out in them, just in case, god forbid, anything got spilt on them or they got dirty.

I sometimes walk around the house in them; just so I don’t feel so bad about spending 50 odd pounds on something I have never even worn. In my opinion a girl can never have too many shoes. I go into a shop and I just see the most beautiful pair of strappy sky-high heels and I just cannot stop myself from trying them on. If I try them on, the chances are I am going to end up buying them.

My name is Nicolle Whitaker and I am a shoeaholic.

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