ASOS have become a household name in recent years for their ability to know what fashion items we need before we even realised it was missing from our lives. The latest thing the online brand have decided to launch is a house band.

Hundreds of artists auditioned for the newly created role, and the winners were Johnny Langer and Peter Duffy, who go by the stage name ‘Man Like Me’. The duo will release a new single every week on the ASOS website.

Man Like Me caught the brands attention with several witty songs, with one of their videos even starring Made-in-Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh. The song ‘Supersonic’ questioned how the star made the move from “West London it girl to Edgy East London” and mackintosh even came out to support the band at the announcement party.

The duo’s first single, ‘LOLROFLOMFGLMFAO’ has been released on the ASOS website already, and features backing singer Talia. The band are due to release their future songs weekly every Friday morning over the next few months.

Not only is ASOS one of the first to launch a house Band, they were also one of the first to launch a digital magazine, with many other brands following suit. They hope that the band will encourage shoppers to part with their cash on the site.

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