Red Lipstick – Still The Original, Still The Best


There’s something to be said about an overused red lipstick. You know what I mean, that lidless one at the top of your make up bag which is reduced more or less to a nub after being smeared on a set of lips day in and day out. I’ve always thought that you can tell a lot about a girl from the contents of her make-up bag.

Kind of like a self portrait – and the most important paint brush in the process of creating an impression for me is definitely red lipstick.

Its overwhelming power to make a statement and leave an impression was drummed into me from a young age. I can recall the contentment I felt while “assisting” my mum dolling herself up for a night out on the town. My dainty seven-year-old fingers rummaging through a run-down make-up bag which whispered that it was once white in a past life; delving in and pulling out each mysterious goody and experimenting with each one as excitably as if it were a bag of Haribo sweeties.

I would unsuccessfully copy my Mum’s every move and the one step my unsteady hands would strive to perfect, was her cherry red Betty Boop lips. I looked up at her with hopeful eyes that I would one day be able to pucker up the same way as she did rather than the Joker like swag I used to create.

The beauty of it is that it can be adapted to anyone’s personality. Lana Del Ray famously pouts it elegantly whereas Rihanna rocks it out fiercely. Riri’s passion for a vibrant lipstick gleams through with her recent collaboration with MAC cosmetics earlier this year when she brought out her trio of limited edition shades. There’s the brilliant lavender of Riri Boy, the sweet berry of Heaux and the one that trumps them all is the deep, cool red tones of the famous Riri Woo; the most Instagramed one of the trio by Riri herself.

I definitely stand by the notion that the vibrancy of rosebud lips is an essential tool for pouting with impact. Ladies with defined bloodshot smiles like Marilyn Monroe always wowed me into thinking that they were women of sophistication and sass; the type of women who can handle themselves but still know how to party. Nowadays I’m a lot better at getting lipstick actually on my lips, rather than smothered across my cheeks.

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