Pack The Perfect Makeup Bag

makeup bag

Every girl on the go has done it; made the fatal mistake of leaving the house on that super important day and forgotten to pack their most vital beauty weapon.

Packing a small, light make up bag is going to be a challenge for every girl who loves her beauty products. There are just too many! We know!

Here are a few tips to ensure that you make no more beauty mistakes and you can look your best everyday!

The perfect multi-taskers

Chanel Les Beiges is no doubt what every girl needs. You can use it as a foundation, powder, highlighter and sculptor! (Genius) making more room for eye and lip products. There are hundreds of other products available that don’t just do one trick! Get it from House of Fraser at the Metrocentre or online for £38.00.

Everyday planning

Do you really wear that pirate red lipstick everyday? Maybe it’s time to throw in a flattering nude lipstick that you are guaranteed to wear more often! If you have room when you’re done you can throw in a fun shade to switch things up a little.

What use is a blusher or eye shadow without a brush?

If your favourites don’t include small brushes, be sure to pack a small travel brush set. They are available from most brands and NARS do a perfect one.

Samples, Samples, Samples!

Now this may sound pointless but it’s always wise to ask for samples when purchasing any products from beauty halls in department stores. Places like Dior and Chanel provide the perfect tiny samples of mascara, lip-gloss and perfume if you’re a regular customer.  They are so handy and take up hardly any room.

Stick to what you know!

You know what you love so why not invest in your favourite products in travel size bottles especially for your on-the-go kit?

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