Your View: Should High Street Stores Use Size 16 Dummies?

By Hannah Bradshaw, Laura Blackburn, and Michael Cross.

Lauren Dishman, 18, from Newcastle who is studying computing
“The mannequins are a positive thing that young girls can see as more realistic, being a curvy girl myself I see the mannequins as a way of setting Debenhams apart from the other high street shops and therefore I would shop there more”.
Evon Dobson, 20, from Hartlepool is studying computing
“The mannequins are a real representation of women and these dummies should be in more stores”.
Melissa Hodgeson, 19 from Leeds and studies PR.
”It is good as the normal models are skinny and the size 16 is more accepted. The size 16 mannequins will make women feel less body conscious”.
Vicki Knott, 18 from Millom, studies computing
“Being a size 16 woman myself, it will make me more inclined to shop at Debenhams”.
Emma Goodchild, 18 from Durham, studies computing
“The size 16 mannequins are a true representation of the UK woman”.
Andrea Carl, 41, University receptionist, from Sunderland -
“I am all for the mannequins, I think they are great to see and are a breath of fresh air from the unrealistic mannequins that have caused more controversy than they are worth.”

High street chain Debenhams have announced they are to start using size 16 mannequins across all their stores to give a better representation of today’s curvier woman.

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