Hair Chalks: Hair Dye Dream Or Total Nightmare?

Hair Chalks

Ever wanted to dye your hair a crazy colour but never built up the courage to actually do it? Me too. That’s why I was so excited when I wandered into Topshop and discovered Hair Artist Hair Chalk.

At £4.00 and lasting just two to three washes, I just had to give it a go. I chose the pink shade and headed home to try it. It looked so simple to do – really, how badly could it go?

My hair was already dip-dyed dark blonde so I only applied the chalk to the ends, adding a few sprays of water as I went. It was super easy to apply, if not a bit crumbly – if you’re considering doing it yourself, be sure to have plenty of old towels at the ready. Either that or be prepared to end up with a very pink bathroom.

It was only after sealing in the colour with my straighteners that I realised my blonde ends probably didn’t need the extra sprays of water after all – the pigments in the chalk mixed with water can create a dye that will temporarily stain if it’s on a light enough shade of hair. And it definitely wasn’t the subtle, candyfloss pink I was hoping for.

It was hot pink. Bright hot pink. And it did not wash out in the two to three washes I expected it to… Try two to three weeks.

Even so, in a way I was still glad I’d done it. As mortified as I was, I’d always wanted to be more daring with my hair colour and to me, it didn’t get more daring than this. I’m the kind of girl who’s had the same old boring, brown hair all of my life, so it was actually nice to have a change. Even if I was desperately glad it was temporary.

Despite my risky experience, I’d definitely recommend hair chalks to other girls. If you know what you’re doing, it’s a fun and easy way to change your look for as little or lengthy amount of time as you want. Plus, you can get them for amazing prices if you know where to look. Since my experience with Hair Artist, I’ve found similar hair chalk kits on eBay with multiple chalks in them and loads of colours to choose from for as little as £4.99.

So why not go for it? Let out your crazy side this winter. Just be sure to stick to the guidelines and don’t make the same mistakes that I did. Happy chalking!

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