Knee High Socks – Get The Shoe Right, And The Rest Will Follow

Knee High

As the weather’s getting chillier, it’s time to pull out our knee high socks. With their ability to make our legs look longer as well as contribute towards a cute and casual or sophisticated, chic winter look, they tick every box on paper.

However, when it comes to the crunch, knee high socks are much more difficult in practice. In their packets and on the pins of our favourite celebrities, they are seemingly uncomplicated. When it comes to actually pulling them on in the morning, we are faced with that age old inevitable footwear dilemma. What shoes are we expected to wear with them?

Trainers are often not the solution. There are a number of celebrities that have nailed the trainer and above the knee knitwear look. For example, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna, and Alexa Chung. The converse and knee high combination for example, can only be pulled off if you are lucky enough to have extremely long legs and a gazelle-like posture. Otherwise we have a tendency to look smaller and stockier, much like a thumb.

Boots are also an issue. Megan Fox was seen recently sporting a pair of knee highs with a pair of dark grey boots and pulled it off perfectly. However, the important thing to remember is that we are not Megan Fox. The boot overlaps the sock, and often runs the risk of making you look as if you have pulled your socks up too high in a manner similar that of an outdoor PE lesson.


As a solution, there are three possible choices of footwear which can save your socks from the bottom of your wardrobe.

Firstly, ballerina pumps. The last couple of years has done wonders for the ballerina pump, and taken it from the dance studio to the high street. In particular we’ve seen the rise of the pointed toe, which elongates the feet and stops us looking dumpy in our knee highs. This prevents us from looking as if we’re preparing ourselves for key stage two, and instead elongating us like delicate winter snowflakes.

Secondly, the brogue. The brogue is a sure-fire fix to your knee high dilemma. Not only does it give you an effortless quirky look, but also gives your look a sophisticated edge that’s perfect for the workplace or an interview.

Last but not least, the most on trend solution to the issue in question is the t bar. T bar pumps are huge this season and finish off your winter look with a preppy edge. They keep your feet warm, and adding a heel can elongate your legs without bunching your socks up where your foot slips into your shoe, avoiding constantly having to hitch up your socks during the day.

With the right choice of shoe, you can finally take your knee high socks out of the packet.

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