Update Your Fashion Vocabulary: Lesson 2 – Shorts & Trousers

Fashion Vocab - Shorts

Skinny Fit Jeans – Jeans created to fit the body tightly down the whole of the leg.

High Waisted – Jeans or trousers that are higher on the waist and fit tightly.

Wide Legged – Jeans that is designed to flare outwards on the bottom half of the jeans.

Straight Jeans – Jeans or trousers that are cut straight so are slightly loose down the whole of the leg.

Ankle Grazer – Often skinny jeans that are designed to end halfway up the calf of the leg.

Boyfriend Jeans – Jeans that are baggy down the whole of the leg and sometimes ripped.

Coloured Jeans – Jeans in any cut that are coloured bold colours.

Super Low Jeans – Super low jeans are designed to sit on the hips.

Tapered Trousers – high waisted and fitted to the waist, the shape goes out and tapers back in at the ankle.

Riding Trousers/Leggings – thick cotton fabric ribbed and high waisted, with side panelled details.

Jeggings – Leggings designed to look like jeans.

Cigarette Pants/Jeans – High waisted and fitted all down the leg, they are often boldly printed fabrics.

Disco Pants – The shiny stretchy fabric is high waisted and has button detailing.

Printed Leggings – leggings with a printed detailing added to them.

Hotpants – Often denim shorts that rise high on the leg.

High Waisted – Shorts that are designed to sit high on the waist.

Longline – High waisted shorts that are long shorts that taper out.

Culotte – Wide fitted small high waist with side pockets.

Scallop – Fabric shorts with a scallop detail hem.

Crochet Shorts– A pattern cut out of small sections of the fabric, usually in the pattern of lace.

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