Inside My Wardrobe: Natasha Lilly Crowther

Every day she styles women across the North East working as a personal shopper in Debenhams, Newcastle. An individual with an eye for fashion and the wardrobe to prove it, that’s Natasha Lily Crowther.

Natasha studied politics at Northumbria University but after a slow realisation that it wasn’t the career path she wanted to take, she sort of ‘stumbled into’ retail.

At work she keeps her look minimalistic, often pairing a collared shift dress with tights and over the knee boots. But you shouldn’t underestimate her fashion credentials. This young lady has the fashion world at her footsteps and in her wardrobe by the looks of things.

Fashion North was lucky enough to catch up with Natasha and have a sneak peek into her fabulous mirrored wardrobes (Prepare to have severe clothing envy right about now!)

Favourite item in your wardrobe?

My Chanel bag – It was a gift from my parents when I graduated. I was in complete shock, as I didn’t expect it in the slightest.

What’s the best thing about your job?

It’s like playing dress up every day and who wouldn’t love that. I also love that I get to experiment with different styles and looks for my client. Often they leave with outfits they would never have chosen themselves. It also gives me new ideas for myself too!

What’s the worst thing about your job?

When I can’t find the perfect outfit for a client. Whether it is because their size is out of stock or because we don’t stock exactly what they’re looking for.

Favourite Designer at Debenhams?

It may sound crazy because I assume I’m not the target market for her collection but I would have to say Betty Jackson Black. Every season, there are a few amazing pieces that I just fall in love with. This season it was the pink cashmere blend coat (£149). It was similar to one I had seen on Kim Kardashian earlier in the month and I just had to have it.

I have a few pairs of heels still in the box. My problem is, I love heels but I rarely get a chance to wear them!

Who is your Fashion Icon?

I would have to say Victoria Baker-Harber from Made in Chelsea. She always looks pristine and polished and her outfits are so simple but glamorous at the same time.

Other than Debenhams, your favourite high street store?

I don’t even have to think twice about this one – Zara. It’s perfect for bright, patterned dresses and playsuits in Summer and bold, structured, oversized coats and jackets in Winter. I spend hours on the website; their shoes and bags are my favourite. I’m building up quite the collection!

Favourite designer?

Chanel. It gets me every season. So classic yet refreshing.

Designer or High Street?

It’s got to be high street. Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate so many designers. To go to London Fashion Week, any fashion week actually, is a dream of mine. I just think for a practical yet affordable and on trend wardrobe, the likes of H&M, Topshop, Zara even Primark are winning. Bloggers portray the brilliance of the high street perfectly. It’s effortless fashion right on your doorstep!

Most recent purchase?

A leopard print scarf from Zara (£19.99). It’s quite oversized which keeps me extra snug whilst I make my way from the car to work early on a morning. Especially now its winter! Why does the North East have to be so cold?

Do you have an item in your wardrobe you’ve never worn?

I have a few pairs of heels still in the box. My problem is, I love heels but I rarely get a chance to wear them.

Your favourite trend of the moment?

I can tell you what my least favourite is… Tartan. It’s everywhere and it’s getting a bit much if I’m being honest. My favourite trend would have to be blush pink; Especially in boyfriend coats. Masculine meets feminine – the perfect combination.

I would never wear…

Uggs. I don’t even think I need to elaborate. (Natasha refuses to even mutter the word again)

Describe your style in three words…

Minimalistic, creative and tailored.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love going out for drinks with the girls after work. You just can’t beat a mojito after a long day on your feet. I’m also in the process of renovating my new flat with my boyfriend which is very time consuming but will hopefully be worth it.

Favourite thing about the North East?

Apart from the shops, which are obvious, I would have to say the food. There’s so many amazing independent restaurants tucked away on side streets all over the north east and I’m currently working my way through them all.

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