Your View: How Can M&S Appeal To Younger Customers?

As Marks and Spencers’ fashion sales figures continue to fall, we find out what the public think M&S could do to appeal to a younger audience.

Helen Willis, 24, Events Management student, from Sunderland
“I was browsing in M&S the other day. I noticed that they’re stocking some nice woolly jumpers. However, I feel like they should work on their shop floor layout and separate young and old fashion.”
Katie Stoker, 23, Law Student, from Durham
“I think M&S clothing is crappy, it’s too expensive, especially for students! I prefer to shop in Primark and charity shops.”
Hilary Walker, 54, library assistant, from Whitburn
“I live on the M&S website; however I feel their clothing range is stuck. They need younger designers to make the range appeal to a younger audience.”
Poppy Johnston, 19, Sunderland University biology student, from Leeds
“I was in M&S the other day looking for a polo neck. I noticed that they stock classic, well-made designs, but the price is a problem.”
Alex Warren, 21, Sunderland University politics student from Preston, Lancs
“M&S clothing is too expensive, I feel as though it is targeted at middle-class mums with disposable income. I usually shop in Primark and occasionally Topman, but only when the sale is on"
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