Would You… Ditch The Dye?

hair dye

We’ve all been there. Staring at ourselves in the mirror, seeing a celeb with a brand new do and frantically grabbing the home hair dye kit to change our look. Well, girls, this week we’re asking, would you ditch the dye?

Middlesbrough pop star, Amelia Lily, 19, has done just that. The X Factor finalist played around with new platinum locks at the One Direction: This Is Us premier in August. Now it looks as though they’re here to stay and the pink dye has been ditched for good.

It’s a well known fact that dyes are no good for your hair, but experimenting with a fresh new colour is something most of us are guilty of, even our favourite celebs, ahem Miss Osbourne!

We go from black to blonde to red and back to blonde – it’s hard to keep up!

Our Commissioning Editor, Amy Ingram, is a pro with the dye-dramas: “It took about six months to go from blackest of black to a dark blonde. I wish I’d never touched the dye.”

Would you be willing to ditch the dye for the sake of your luscious locks like our very own Amelia? Let us know by tweeting us @fashion_north or show us an image of your different hair dramas on Instagram @fashion-north using #wouldyouditchthedye


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