Becoming A 360° Journalist


Once upon a time, a journalist’s main roles were: researching, writing and interviewing, but things have changed. To become a journalist today you need to be able to do it all. That includes social media, video, editing, design and of course being able to write.

Victoria White, Editor of Company magazine tells us why doing it all is so important and how it has transformed Company magazine from an “advertising mop-up” to a brand that girls “LOVE”.

When Victoria became editor of Company, it was just another lifestyle magazine with many advertising opportunities and getting by along side other magazines. However, when print and advertising began to decline, so did Company. Victoria and her colleagues held a road show and travelled around the country trying to find out what young girls really wanted in a magazine and re-launched Company to what it is today. Company is now a fashion, music and blogging magazine but above all a multimedia shrine.

The staff at Company magazine are what we call 360° journalists. This term means that all of the staff do all of the roles from writing, videoing, social media, blogging and using InDesign.

Victoria said: “There are so many opportunities to be creative today that you can no longer be inclusive to one area. It is where all magazines are going, especially in Hearst. Elle is now an office of 360° journalists too.”

Magazines now have to extend their brand. It is more than just print and online, it is about being personal to the reader and knowing what she wants. Company often host live web chats, parties and career advice conferences. This is all along side a monthly magazine, weekly online edit, beauty hauls, blogs, daily online content and a High Street edit in print as well.

But Victoria said this is not enough: “Where do I see the magazine in a year’s time? Doing a massive event much like the Vogue Festival, that would be amazing.”

Blogging is a massive part of today’s fashion and beauty culture; this is something which Company embraces and even lectures on. Their blogging legend and Company staff @Gemfatale is one of the biggest traffic drivers and assets to the magazine. Even Victoria White is blogging these days!

So you still wanting a career in journalism? Well get online. Why not start a blog? Edit videos, learn about google hangout, become a social media addict and take pictures of everything and you’ll be on your way.

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