One(sie) Love At Christmas


So this is it, Christmas 2013 is just around the icy bend. A time when we all wrap ourselves up  like eskimos, dread the amount of sprouts on our Christmas dinner and receive that one present we know we will never use. But now it’s time to embrace being wrapped up like ‘pigs in blankets.’

At Christmas the loud and proud Christmas jumper is slowly becoming a winter staple, now it’s time for something even louder and prouder – the Christmas onesie.

The onesie was crowned at the end of 2012 by The Guardian as the “worst idea of 2012”, but just under one year later it is still here screaming to us to become socially accepted; with celebrities such as Brad Pitt, the diver Tom Daley and comedian/actor Chris O’Dowd all embracing the all-in-one trend. What is out there online and on the high-street, for you to wear for the Christmas fancy-dress student nights out or Christmas day with the folks?



Topman is a brand that is a staple for any guy wanting to be on trend. This season Topman have produced two onesies perfect for a Christmas themed party. One onesie has the theme of the icon of Christmas himself – Santa, the other being Santa’s helper – The Elf, perfect for channelling your inner Will Ferrell. These 100% cotton numbers are only available online or in the London Oxford Street store. Both onesies retail at £36.



Asos has a variety of seasonal onesies but this fair ilse piece stood out as cracker of a buy.  Available in seasonal red or midnight blue, embellished with pixelated snowflakes, stars on the front pockets and Mr Jack Frost repeated across the chest and upper body. This is an onesie for anyone wanting to feel festive without wanting to dedicate themselves to a character associated to the festive time. Each onesie is priced £45.


Everyone loves pudding, right? Well what if you could become one! Well that’s what Boohoo is offering, but in the form of a onesie. Retailing at £30 the Christmas pudding onesie is a must have for anyone wanting to become a member of the pudding club. Coming complete with a sprig of holly on the hood and the famous white sauce embellishing the hood and shoulder area, you will truly be a walking treat for any onlooker.

Everyone wants to be a leader of the pack. Well a Rudolph inspired all-in-one, you can. The alternative hooded onesie comes with ears, antlers and the renowned red nose. The reindeer onesie is priced £30.

I have guided you, like Rudolph guides Santa, through some of my favourite onesies out on the high street and online. But there are many more shops and online retailers such as Amazon, eBay, George at Asda, Primark and Tesco all offering seasonal onesie’s. I’ll be buying one to add to my current collection of Batman, Superman, a Drop Dead ‘Kuro’ cat onesie (with its red bow-tie) and a glow in the dark skeleton onesie and embracing the Christmas spirit. Now it’s your turn!


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