Faux Fur Brows


We have heard it all – Hair extensions, nail extensions, eyelash extensions and now… eyebrow extensions?

Since supermodel Cara Delevingne popped up on the scene last year with her statement dark, bushy but tamed brows, eyebrow envy is spreading across the country like wildfire. Girls and women are walking around with au-natural brows in desperation of growing them out to be on trend.

Thin, pencil drawn-on eyebrows are a thing of the past, and as well as a trip to the salon to get your eyelash extensions done, your next appointment could be to get eyebrow extensions too.

Tiny individual hairs are glued on to your own brows to get the bushier look. It may sound ridiculous but when you think about it, it would save us from wearing a hat or chopping a chunky fringe in while our brows look hideous and cavewoman-like.

Hairdresser and beauty therapist, Tahira Wells charges £45 and came up with the idea after realising the popularity of eyelash extensions and her clients wanting a permanent method of having fuller brows.

No salons in the North have started the service just yet but it could soon be on the cards, it’s perfect if you are willing to splash out up to £400 to have wow-brows all year round.

If the idea of fury, fake brows that fall out after a few weeks creeps you out, like it does me, there’s other non-permanent solutions to fill, shape and create the Cara wow-brow. Eyebrow pencils and shadows are stocked in most Boots or Superdrug stores and all good beauty salons in the North do a shape, wax and tint service.


Sleek eyebrow pencil is available in 2 shades £1.99 (Left)

Sleek eyebrow kit available in 4 shades £8.49 (Right)

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