Five Presents Your Partner Should Pick


According to a survey from the Huffington Post, we Brits received £2.4 billion worth of unwanted Christmas presents last year. Every UK adult will have been given up to two presents they didn’t like or want, each worth on average, £48.41. Yikes!

If you dread watching your partner force a smile when opening their gifts, while you worry about whether or not you threw away the receipt, then these great gift ideas are perfect for you.

For a stress-free Christmas it couldn’t be simpler. I have selected five key pieces that you’ll find in every girl’s wardrobe that you can find in almost every shop on the high street. With this gift guide you can’t possibly go wrong, so no matter your budget or your partner’s fashion taste, you’ll be able to surprise her this year with not only an amazing Christmas present but a very thoughtful one.

ts blouse

1, Topshop, Boxed Pleated Blouse, £38

This Topshop blouse is the ideal choice for any Christmas present, the long sleeves and sheer material means it can be worn in any weather, for any occasion. When shopping for a top it can be hard to decide whether or not the top would flatter and suit your partner’s shape. This classic blouse will suit all body shapes and no matter your partner’s size, will flatter her.

New Look ._

2, New Look, Grunge Bag, £19.99

Every woman needs a large handbag for everyday use. A woman’s bag is a never-ending black hole filled with absolutely everything she will need for every possible situation, so you can’t go wrong with a big bag. Choose a plain colour like grey, brown or black so it can be worn with most outfits. The long handles will sit comfortably on her shoulder, while her hands are free to continue shopping. The strong, hard structure of the bag is great as it means when putting in down it won’t fall over and scatter all her belongings on the floor.

Court Bla._

3, Asos, Black Court Heels, £48

A plain pair of black heels is an addition every girl’s wardrobe needs, whether they’re a small kitten heel for the office or seven-inch platforms to strut their stuff on the dance floor – no matter which ones you purchase, she’ll always find a reason to wear them. I know what you’re thinking. “But I don’t know her size,” well before you go shopping you can easily check her size from her other shoes. Make sure you go with the size of her flat shoes rather than the size of her trainers as they can sometimes differ.


4, Lush, Products, Prices vary

Every woman loves a good pamper, but at Christmas you can guarantee that she’s going to get a ton of different bath and body gift sets. So make yours stand out, add a touch of quality and care by getting a freshly made comestic from Lush. Choose what she loves using the most such as; bubble bath, body lotion or even fake tan, and at Lush you can get them specially made. If you’re a little stuck there’s always a member of staff at hand to help you and you can even match the products to her skin type. All other gift sets will be pushed to the side when she sets her eyes on this.


5, EOS, Lip balm, £5.99

The cold weather seems to dry out everyone’s hair, skin and lips, so gifts that she would buy herself are some of the gifts she’ll appreicate more. However going out and buying a tub of Vaseline doesn’t suggest you put much thought into it, so why not choose one from the EOS range. They come in six different scents, all enriched with vitamins and minerals. These can be ordered online only, but this saves you time – leaving you with a unique gift.


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