Odd, But We Love Them!

Victoria Beckham's wedding tiara goes to auction in December
The iconic white dress moment that Marilyn Monroe is famous for
Madonna's infamous cone bra was a bit…brave
Ouch…the moment Naomi Campbell fell in those sky high shoes
Geri wore the iconic Union flag dress with pride
Bjork cuddling a fake swan, what's normal about that?
The Britney-Justin double denim disaster of 2004
That meat dress, need we say more?
Kate Middleton's show stopping wedding dress
Pippa Middleton's dress almost stole the show with THAT bum
Because we all want to own a Disney Princess Dress

By Laura Robson & Amy Fitzsimmons

With the auction of Victoria Beckham’s wedding tiara looming on December 5, we here at Fashion North take a look at our top 10 fashion oddities we’d love to get our hands on.

1) Marilyn Monroe- the little white dress she wore in the 1955 film ‘The Seven Year Itch’. You know the one we’re talking about.

Remember that moment when your skirt decides to get a mind of its own and blows up in the autumn wind? Well, we wished we looked this good doing it.

2) Madonna- the cone bra, famously worn on her 1990 Blond Ambition world tour, designed by Jean Paul Gaultier.

Let’s face it, not many people can pull off the pointy-chested look and we know that we definitely don’t dare to try anytime soon.

3) Naomi Campbell- the sky-high, let’s break our neck; your mother wouldn’t let you out of the house in, Vivienne Westwood shoes.

It’s the shoes we clutch our ankles at the thought of, but they’re pretty to look at… right?

4) Geri Halliwell- the iconic Union flag dress she wore at the 1997 Brit Awards.

Spice up your life and all that jazz. It’s hard to believe that this iconic dress was made from a tea towel. That’s right, a tea towel. We understand patriotism but didn’t quite think it would come in the form of kitchen apparel.

5) Bjork- the swan dress she wore to the 73rd Academy Awards in 2001, designed by Marjan Pejoski.

Because we all want to cuddle a fake swan, don’t we?

6) Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake- the double denim disaster that happened at the 2001 American Music Awards.

You may have thought that this was ‘totes adorbs’ at the time but c’mon, has double denim ever really worked?

7) Lady Gaga- the meat dress, need we say more?

Worn to the 2010 VMA’s, Gaga stunned the world with a dress made of actual meat. We’d never even think about touching it, let alone putting it on, but it’d be a talking point of your wardrobe at least.

8) Kate Middleton- the show stopping Sarah Burton wedding dress.

A wedding dress made fit for a princess? Yes please.

9) Pippa Middleton- the dress that almost upstaged a royal wedding.

Just like her sister, Pippa wore an Alexander McQueen dress that drew the worlds’ eyes to her best asset.  A dress that makes your bum look that good? Check.

10) A Disney princess dress – The 2012 Harrods Christmas collection of Disney princess dresses.

Because let’s face it we all want to be a Disney princess.

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