Don’t Commit A Holiday Horror


By Kenza Jamil, Zoe Nardo & Ina Shumarova

Christmas – a time where style can sometimes take a backseat. In between the holiday chaos, there is always time to look in the mirror.

We’ve put together some basic guidelines to help you not look like one of Santa’s little helpers. If you can find a replica of your favourite Christmas jumper, covered in festive felines wearing jingle bells in your grandma’s wardrobe, leave it on the hanger. Don’t pull a Ron Weasley – if you’ve been sporting the same jumper for your whole life, put it away. Let it go. If you have more decorations on you than your living room– there is a serious problem.

If you are reading this and you’re realising you are guilty of committing one of these holiday horrors, don’t sweat in your thigh high Christmas stockings. There are thankfully some alternative chic options for you out there:


1) Hair accessories are a great way to show you have Christmas spirit, without people thinking you’ve just moved from the North Pole. A small gold bow from Claire’s accessories (Left), a diamante bobby pin from New Look (Right), or even a holly headband can do the trick without looking like a Christmas ornament.


2) Instead of covering your whole face with glitter, a slick of Mac’s Diva (Left) or Ruby Woo (Right) lipstick can give off the Christmas appeal without being over the top. (£15)


3) To replace that hideous Christmas jumper that you used to live in, H&M has it under control. Their thick white and grey wool sweaters will keep you warm while stylishly imitating the snowfall around you. (£14.99)

Collectively and independently, all of these small changes to your Christmas wardrobe and make-up bag will embody your holiday spirit and stop people from confusing you for a lit up Christmas tree.


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