My Relationship With… Pants


I’ll admit I am a serial pants buyer. Frilly ones, tiny ones, big ones, comfy ones, pretty ones, never to be shown to anyone, ones and of course every type of superhero ones; Batman being my favourite.

I have them in every kind of style and change them depending on the activity. My favourite is the ‘bed’ variety, which is a mix of big and ugly that only me and my mother see when she’s doing the washing.

However I am yet to find a pair which I would to call ‘gym’ pants. Is this a universal problem? Or am I the only person who finds that every style is breaking the VPL (visible panty line) rule?

Yes I know there’s always the option for the thong, but how uncomfortable are they whilst trying to exercise? I am aware that thongs as well as bras, heels, handbags and many other fashion items can be uncomfortable and we, as women, make a sacrifice for fashion! However, with me the sacrifice stops there.

Without going into gory details I’m sure many women would agree that trying to go full throttle in the gym or even just light exercise produces many uncomfortable problems for girls. With knickers going up and everywhere the level of unpleasantness reaches limitless heights as you discretely pull out your wedgie, usually failing. One often wonders how you can maintain a ladylike persona in these situations.

So for the good of my health, I have taken it upon myself to begin a mission to find the nations ‘gym’ pants and save women all around the world.

Fancy helping me save the nation? Tweet us @Fashion_North with your findings.

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