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As I sat watching “I’m a Celebrity,” I noticed the celebrities’ rising tensions as they had a suspicion that one of them was hiding banned items, the number one suspect being Amy. I can’t help but wonder what I would take to the jungle with me as my one luxury item. Would it be my BADgal lash mascara or my YSL Forever Light Creator Serum? Either way I am still going to look wretched, so I guess a pop of colour will do and I’d just grab my Lasting Finish matte lipstick by Kate Moss to bring some life back into my otherwise haggard complexion.

So your in a jungle, feeling rather sorry for yourself, but hey you have that ONE luxury item … but what would yours be? “A onesie, no second thought needed. I know it’s based in Australia but all I would want late at night is my onesie … with a hood!” Dom Stirling, the breakfast presenter for Spark FM declared.

As some seem to take the challenge of staying the jungle head on others don’t seem so keen on spending two weeks in a damp, bug infested marsh. Like Victoria White, editor of Company Magazine, “I would NEVER go – I’m useless outdoor.”

Sam Laxton, a DJ from Newcastle was more than enthusiastic about his luxury item if he ever had the chance to make it into the celebrity jungle. “I would take a voice recorder so I can document my ideas and thoughts based on my surroundings. It would be pretty amazing putting recordings of the jungle in my own tracks!”

When grilling the public about the question in hand, they seemed to take a bit too seriously. With one women getting a bit flustered and panicking back and forth about whether to take her frizzy hair treatment or eyebrow tweezers into the jungle before scurrying away shouting “I have no time for this, I must get on with the shop,” maybe I should have explained to her that I wasn’t recruiting for the next season.

Others seemed to have already thoroughly deliberated with themselves as before the words could even push past my lips they already announced “NUTS magazine,” “My aroma therapy candles” and last but certainly not least “my Kopi Luwak!” With a smile on her face I could see this rather eccentric looking woman wanted to elaborate. So what is Kopi Luwak? Well it’s only your run of the mill cat poo coffee beans! “I can’t live without them”, Madeline explains “they are a delicacy in many countries and I have at least three cups a week, it’s delicious!”

I guess Madeline would fit perfectly in the jungle, with the celebrities in the final having to scoff down their farewell feast of king cricket legs dipped in cheese fruit fondue. Kian Egan, the eventual winner of the programme followed that up with ostrich anus. David Emanuel’s next meal was a pig penis which he gulped down like a true gentleman.

Richard Ord, Deputy Editor of Sunderland Echo, spoke for most men when his response was “I’d take Amy Willerton because she has an excellent work ethic, of course.”

Overall, the general public and fans of “I’m a Celebrity” seem to have a bit of an idea about what they would take into the jungle, if they had the guts or the opportunity. However, mascara and hairspray may be the last thing on your mind when your in a jungle with insects and reptiles that could make you look a lot worse than a few (designer) bags under the eyes.

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