Head Over Heels – Can You Ever Own Too Many Pairs Of Shoes


We all sobbed with jealousy when we heard David and Victoria Beckham have bought a £40m mansion in London, with a separate room just for her shoes!

The former Spice Girl turned designer has reportedly already got work men in redesigning her closet space, and making sure her extensive shoe collection get their very own room. Despite selling a substantial amount in her Red Cross clothes sale last week to raise money for the Philippines.

This left us on FN wondering, if VB’s Malono Blahniks and Louboutins need their own room, how many is too many pairs of shoes? It is installed in many of us as little girls; a lust, craving and utter appreciation for shoes. We would beg our mothers for the patent (shiny) school shoes, try on our auntie’s little heels and stop still staring at the glamorous ‘big girls’ in stiletto shoes.

But unlike our love for all things pink and glittery, we never seem grow out of this footwear love. Most women who have an affiliation with fashion still prefer a good pair of shoes over a new dress. Our very own shoe obsessed News Editor, Nicolle Whitaker said: “I love the way shoes can totally transform a dull outfit into something really beautiful.”

A survey by money saving website (VoucherCodesPro.co.uk) earlier this year revealed that nine out of 10 women have a pair of shoes they have never worn and a further 4 out of 10 have splashed out on a pair, that they’re too scared to damage. Nicolle told us: “I dread to think how many pairs I own! I haven’t even worn some of them.”

Sunderland University student Samantha Boreham, 21, agrees that despite not being a fashion addict and on a tight budget she can’t resist a standout pair of shoes. “I’d much rather be complimented on my shoes, because if I’ve bought them its because I love them, I have well over 40 pairs.”

That moment in Sex and The City when Carrie Bradshaw admits her addiction saying; “I have this little substance abuse problem… expensive footwear.” is a moment that us fashionistas can really relate to. Whether we’re running in quickly to hide our latest Kurt Geiger purchase from the boyfriend or stuffing them under our bed in order to pretend we haven’t spent the money, we all know it is a weakness we can’t withstand.

For many of us, shoes hold a memory – your first pair of heels, the trainers you ran the marathon in or the ones you saved up for months and are too terrified to wear – whatever it may be we are all guilty of it. Because it is more than just a shoe it is a piece of us.

But one reason most of us love shoes is because they always fit. If we’re having a ‘fat day’ or our new jeans have stretched slipping into your brogues, flatforms, converse or simple pumps can make the morning far better.

So, next time you’re guilt-tripping yourself about that sneaky purchase in Office or lustfully perusing the Sophia Webster website – as we often catch our News Ed doing- just remember it’s in our veins as women. And if we were as successful as the fabulous Miss Beckham, we would have a room for our Jimmy Choo collection we’ve worn just once too!

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