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Girl group Little Mix have recently launched their own brand of makeup. The girls, Jade Thirlwall (20), Jesy Nelson 22, Leigh-Anne Pinnock (21), and Perrie Edwards (20), have worked together with the cosmetics brand Collection to produce a new range that’s now available in Superdrug and Boots. Their range consists of blusher, bronzer, lipstick, eye shadow and nail polish, with a personal range for each girl reflecting their own individual style and for their own colour tone.

The four girls auditioned as solo artists on X Factor in 2011, however they were asked if they’d like to form a group, and from the help of their mentor Tulisa became the first group to win the show. Since then, as well as launching their first album, the girls have also brought out a nail and clothing range, so bringing out make-up was the next big thing. There has been a lot discussion about this particular range as in the process the girls have been accused of exploiting their young fans.

Fashion North’s Sarah Adams (21), and a younger Little Mix fan, Skye Leigh Bulmer (12), decided to review four pieces from the new range.

Little Mix Jesy’s Lip-gloss, £2.19

Sarah: This lip-gloss smells really lovely and you can continue to smell it when it’s on your lips, which I think is always a good thing to have in a product. Jesy’s nude, pink lip-gloss is more of a clear gloss with some added sparkle when wearing it, so if you need a top base for your lipstick when out and about this one would be a good one to choose.

Skye: Jesy is my favourite, I like her style. She owns millions of caps and trainers and I love that about her. The lip-gloss smells gorgeous! I’d wear this, I like that it’s not really pink because I think the natural look is best so I could wear this every day.

Little Mix Perrie’s Rockin Roll Eye Sparkle, £2.99

Sarah: Personally Perrie is my favourite, I love her style and I love her look. Perrie always has the smoky eye down to perfection and I think this sparkle eyeliner is a great way to capture the light if you’re having a night out or tending a special occasion. To make sure it’s not streaky you would need to wear this on top of eyeliner or eye shadow, as the black pigment doesn’t carry all the way through when putting it on. Personally I wouldn’t wear this but I can see why it would appeal to the younger girls, I think it’s one of those rare pieces of make-up that a young girl can wear and feel grown up without having to apply a lot of other make-up.

Skye: I don’t wear eyeliner because I don’t suit it, I usually wear mascara, eye shadow, blusher and sometimes lip-gloss. It’s really pretty, it would look good on top of eye shadow for some sparkle. I couldn’t see teens wearing it because they like expensive and designer brands. I think it’s good for younger girls, seven-year-olds who love playing dress up and this would stop them using their mam’s make-up.

Little Mix Jade’s Blusher, £2.99

Sarah: Now this is the one piece I’d go out and buy and actually wear quite often. I was impressed with the colour pigment, as I have previously used Collection blushers and I felt that you need to put a lot on to get the littlest bit of colour. The glow and shimmer from this blusher would work in either day, for a natural bronze look or night to highlight and add a lovely glow to your cheeks.

Skye: The blusher in the light is really pretty, and the colours in it are very natural. That’s the look I like because most of the time in photos the girls look very natural with just a bit of eyeliner or eye shadow. Even though I really like this, personally I don’t think I could wear it every day as it’s more for going to a party or a night out, I think it would be something I’d have to keep and use later.

Little Mix Leigh-Anne’s Trio Eye Shadow Palette, £3.19

Sarah: I think a trio of brown shades is something every girl needs, as I use brown quite often and most skin tones suit browns as it’s a natural earthy colour. I found the shades blended well together, however I did have to apply quite a few layers to build up a block of colour on my eyelid, but once on I felt they looked very nice. If I was going to wear this palette I’d probably wear it on a nighttime as there is a pigment of gold sparkle running through the colour which I don’t think is suited to a natural day time look. For the price getting three eye shadows is an absolute bargain!

Skye: I would buy this, Collection is a nice brand and I have a few different eye shadows from them which I all use and love. The three different browns are perfect for me because I mainly use brown eye shadows, they’re what I normally wear every day because with me having dark hair I feel it’s the most natural look.

My Overall Rating – **

Skye’s Overall Rating – *****

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