What’s In Your Handbag?

Emma Baldwin, 27, studying psychology. Her bag is from DKNY, £180.
Lisa Deehan, 51, studying Childhood studies. Her bag is from an American store, £60
Natalie Stocker, 28, studying psychology with counselling. The bag is from TK Maxx, £28
Jodie Burlison, 22, studying health and social care. Her bag is from Debenhams at Red Herring, £28
Cody Walker-Scott, 18, studying childhood studies. The bag is from Primark, £12
Ashleigh Farina, 22, childhood studies. Her bag is from a charity shop, £2
Donna Hassan, 37, studying psychology with counselling. Her bag is from Primark, £13
Lianne Hopper, 38, staff. Her bag is from TK Maxx, £20
Bethany Elsey, 18, studying broadcast journalism. The bag is from Schuh, £50

Women’s handbags are notorious for carrying junk and unnecessary items. Sometimes we cart around things with no purpose for “just in case” moments.

Here at Fashion North HQ we visited Sunderland University’s St. Peter’s Campus to ask students and staff what mysterious items they carried.

The strange list of “handbag essentials” included nail varnish remover, a letter to Santa, fairy dust and body lotion.

So women of the North East, what’s in your handbag? Fashion North investigates.

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