My Relationship With… Zara

How would I describe my relationship with Zara? Well, it’s definitely a love hate sort of thing. Love the clothes, hate that I can’t afford them. But it’s official. Facebook official even. We are in a relationship.

I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight. We were introduced through mutual friends (fashion bloggers), but it is love and I feel like I fall more in love every time I walk in the store. I sometimes get a little jealous though as it can tend to be a bit of a flirt. Zara knows exactly what women want. It conforms to the female desire by providing us with beautiful collections season after season.

Like most couples, we argue from time to time. Like the other day when I nearly had a nervous breakdown in the changing rooms because that £25.99 white skort in a size medium wouldn’t zip up.

Don’t even get me started on the mess they leave lying around. Clothes all over the floor. I do my bit to tidy up after myself though. I always put my clothes on the hangers properly. But the untidiness doesn’t put me off, I don’t think much could.

Within most relationships, no one ever wants to admit when they’re in the wrong. “Yes, I want an extra 10% off because the buckle on this heel is broken or because there is make-up smeared all over this white floral embroided maxi dress that I NEED for my sister’s graduation.” No discount. Argument over.

Don’t worry; Zara has already been given the seal of approval from my parents. Unlike most high street stores, my mother, father and I can all happily shop there at the same time and all come away satisfied.

I can safely say Zara is cemented in my heart as well as my wardrobe, and I can’t see us breaking up anytime soon.

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