Inside My Wardrobe: India Adams


Sky Tyne and Wear journalist, India Adams, talks about the weird and wonderful items in her wardrobe including balaclavas, big knickers and waterproofs.

She’s braved the North East floods, ran the Great North Run and hurtled round a race track at lightning speed all in the name of video journalism. Here at Fashion North we asked Sky Tyne and Wear journalist, India Adams, “What’s in your wardrobe?”

Deciding on what to wear can be a stressful part of the day but with a pretty impressive wardrobe India goes for a simple style that can be glammed up or dressed down. “In terms of daywear, I have a cute little polka-dot playsuit that I love. Jersey dresses are also so easy to throw on.”

India is definitely a shirt-o-holic with a variety of patterns and prints in her wardrobe. “I do try to keep them colourful or pretty, but they’re just so darn handy for work.”

We all have one signature print that dominates our wardrobe whether its stripes, polka-dot or floral. Some may have more daring than others! “My friends at uni once nicknamed me Pat Butcher for my love of all things leopard print. And big earrings of course.”

Whether you hate parting with your clothes or love a good clear out – we all end up having items that are outdated and some that have never been worn. “I never keep anything I haven’t worn for yonks, but it rarely has anything to do with whether or not it’s trendy (I am rarely ‘on trend’ anyway!) and I never throw away, I always donate to the British Heart Foundation who regularly update me on how much money my old stuff has raised which is fab.”

There is always one fashion faux pas hanging in the wardrobe that we wouldn’t dare reveal to others. Sadly, India’s is not too glamorous but is a must have for dog owners. “Oh god, am I actually admitting that I have a balaclava in my wardrobe? Yes I am. I am a devoted dog owner, I am regularly beaten to a pulp by the bitter North East wind so I have it on standby. Please don’t be alarmed if you see me wearing one at 6am on a cold winter morning. I am not a criminal.”

Other embarrassing items in India’s wardrobe include a pair of Bridget Jones style slimming underwear. “Big knickers (eeeeek). Like the kind that (allegedly) make you look slimmer rather than just huge undergarments!”

With summer behind us, and a North East winter fast approaching we asked India her seasons must- haves. “Waterproofs, wellies and warm outerwear. You never know when you’ll be sent out to trek through a field, in a storm, on the coldest day of the year. Also, hats. Preferably brightly coloured to perk myself up on a dreary day.”

What’s in your wardrobe? Send us your pics to @fashion_north.

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