Celebrity Engagement Rings: The Bigger The Better


There was a time where only royalty were the owners of the top ten most expensive engagement rings.

 According to the Finances Online, the most expensive engagement rings kind of do still belong to royalty, but mainly the Hollywood kind opposed to actual kings and queens.

 Since the huge rock trend has been seen on style icons such as Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Blake Livley and many more it seems that everyone is trying to join the 20 carat club.

 Angela Bradbury, 47, sales assistant at H.Samuel’s in the North East, said: “I have worked here for just over eight years and its only been the past two recent years that couples are buying the biggest engagement rings we have even whilst we are in a recession.”

 “I have always had my heart set on a small Tiffany engagement ring, but now I’ve seen all of the amazing oversized engagement rings on celebrities I’d rather have one that looks just like Beyonce’s but obviously from a cheaper jewellers.” says Emily Taylor, accountant student, 21.

 There is no doubt that the large engagement ring trend is becoming more and more popular as the amount of celebrates being seen wearing them is rapidly increasing.

 Take a look at celebrities’ engagement rings HERE!

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