H&M Cease Angora Production

As H&M has been in close dialogue with PETA for several years, they feel as though they have a responsibility to permanently cease the production of angora products.

PETA recently released a video showing the treatment of rabbits in Chinese angora farms, this has caused a number of chains as well as H&M to reconsider selling the wool.

The horrific video featured a live rabbit being stripped of their fur in order to produce the angora products. As more rabbits can be seen behind in cages, it can be heard screaming as it is left raw and bald. People for the ethical treatment of animals, or PETA, claim that these are standard procedures for the angora farms in China, where 90% of the world’s angora wool is currently produced.

They also argue that it is impossible to commercially produce angora wool ethically. Despite having the ability to pull wool from the rabbits without harming them, rabbits produce less as they grow older, meaning that as they age, they are no longer needed.

H&M have released the following statement: “We have put considerable effort into ensuring that our requirements are being met on our sub-suppliers’ angora farms. On November 27, we stopped all production of angora products. We have since then made additional inspections of the farms from which our suppliers source their angora wool.

“Since angora farms are located further upstream the supply chain, we can currently not guarantee the compliance with our Product Policy and specific requirements for angora husbandry. We have therefore decided to cease production of angora products.”

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