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Everyone loves cartoons. With Adventure Time, Spongebob Squarepants, Marvel and DC all taking the world by storm, footwear makers have teamed up with everyone’s favourite animation stars by putting them on shoes.

Let’s start with a visit to The Dark Knight and Gotham’s favourite bad guy, The Joker. Exclusive to Schuh, both trainers retail at £55 and are made by Converse. Wear one Batman and one Joker when having a good vs evil day. Go on, channel your inner superhero with these wardrobe staples with a comic strip twist.


It’s THE SIIIMPSOOOONS and they’ve strolled into Schuh. Converse has once again embraced the comic and animation side that’s slowly taking over the fashion world. With several designs available these are a few of my favourites. All retailing at £55 and exclusive to Schuh, you can be doing the Bartman or chilling with The Simpsons on their famous couch every time you step out in these Chuck Taylors.


Go web go! Spiderman has spun his web all over these Old Skool Vans. In the signature red with a grey comic strip at the main body area, this has Spiderman screaming from it. Available from Schuh and priced at £65, surely these are the perfect buy for any hard-core Marvel fan.

Spiderman - Schuh copy

Continuing the Vans shoe theme, let’s head over to the Vans website and check out their Marvel comic inspired shoe. Collaged in various Marvel Comic characters like the Silver Surfer, The Hulk and Spiderman these encapsulate the Marvel brand. And at £55 these are a must for the shoe collection.

Vans - Marvel copy

The final pair of shoes are for the diehard trainer fan. Jeremy Scott is possibly one of the most loyal designers to the comic and animation world. He has teamed up with Adidas for several seasons now and his famous high-topped winged trainers have been regenerated and improved. Priced at £160 from the Adidas website these are pretty expensive but worth the investment for a statement piece to any outfit.

Jeremy Scott - Winged - Adidas copy

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