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By Zoe Nardo and Ina Shumarova

It’s the holiday season and you know what that means…parties! Sometimes it’s hard to pick an accessory that makes you feel totally festive, but doesn’t make you look like a Christmas tree.

Our favourite item is lipstick. A good red lipstick can be paired with any item of clothing and can be worn in any party setting. Here’s four choices that will help you spruce up your attire without overdoing it.

Elizabeth Arden’s New York Flame #3 is the lipstick that will make your lips look desirable and irresistible. It’s great for the Christmas party with your colleagues or for New Year’s Eve because its color isn’t overwhelming yet it is filled with sparkles.


This lipstick delivers brilliant colour to your lips and bright shine. It goes on your lips extremely smooth, but not very thick. This creates the only disadvantage because you may have to re-apply it throughout the night, so don’t forget to put it in your purse. It comes in a fancy gold package and it’s just £16.75 with the Christmas discount in Debenhams.

Lancome Rouge in Love 183n is a lipstick that has the playful name “be my date”. So if you want to look irresistible for your date you should definitely have this lipstick in your collection. It’s hydrating so you don’t have to worry about having dry lips in this chilly winter weather.


The Lancome Rouge in Love lipstick contains moisturizing and repairing oils that soften and smooth lips and is also loaded with radiant silicon for a more glossy effect. It combines vibrant colour with a feather-light texture that lasts up to six hours.

When you apply it on the lips it may look a little bit more orange than expected, so be prepared. This lipstick comes in an eye-catching silver package with a price of £21.

Christian Dior’s Diorific Winter Collection has the best red lipstick. Diva #083 is the perfect lipstick for any party. In fact, if Santa Claus himself wanted to wear a lipstick when delivering presents it would go perfectly with his suit and stay on for the whole ride.

Christian Dior’s Diorific Winter Collection’s diva picture 2

This lipstick has a matte finish but isn’t boring due to its metallically intense color. It is in Dior’s iconic vintage gold casing which doesn’t weigh down your purse too much. The only downfall to this lipstick is the price, which is £27, but you get what you pay for, right?

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture #1 is intense, slick and nourishing. It also is a matte finish but at the same time creates a plush appeal to the lips. When applied, it immediately melts onto the lips and should stay lick resistant through out the night.


It is an extremely pigmented and attention-grabbing colour but is universal so it easily complements any skin tone. Although the gold casing is beautiful when you first purchase the item at £25, after one night it becomes very scratched and covered in fingerprints. With that as its only negative attribute, it’s a great buy for the winter season.

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