I Let My Boyfriend Dress Me For A Week


As I slump onto my bedroom floor, exhausted from the five-minute tantrum I have just finished, where my clothes lay crumpled in a circle around me, I know I mustn’t be the only 20 year old who has this battle to find something to wear. Just as the thought come into my head my boyfriend walks out of the bathroom, in a bid for sympathy I give him the puppy dog eyes and insist I have nothing to wear. “Jordan” he starts “you could open a bloody shop with the amount of clothes you have.” Of course he would say that he is a typical boy, throw a t-shirt and a pair of jeans on and they’re happy.

After another pointless conversation, which involves me trying to explain what was wrong with wearing my black slip dress out for a meal with our parents, I somehow talk myself into a very big challenge. Scott would choose my outfits for a whole week. As a fashion lover, appearance is very important to me, so this week would prove challenging, but may have many positive outcomes I live in hope.

Monday: The first day proved a success, kind of; Scott dressed me in a t-shirt dress from River Island, with a black leather jacket from Miss Selfridge and black studded boots, also from River Island. I thought this outfit worked really well, and my mind began to ease at the thought of the rest of the week- maybe this was a good idea? Although a pair of tights wouldn’t have gone amiss!

Tuesday: Tuesday I felt frumpy! The worst feeling a girl could possibly feel, I had my arms folded all day trying to hide the peplum on my top from New Look, which no longer fit me. I love the trousers from River Island and wear them frequently; however, I usually team them with a silk black vest top. Apart from the top I think this outfit works well and I still had hope in my boyfriend.

Wednesday: Today I lost nearly all faith in Scott although this week was certainly saving me a lot of time not having to rake through my wardrobe for an outfit. Wednesday was freezing and Scott decided to dress me in a leather River Island mini skirt with no tights, an electric blue cropped jumper from Topshop and my studded boots from River Island.

Thursday: Today was freezing but, note, there was no rain or snow and Scott decided to dress me in my Hunter wellies. I have a lot of love for these boots but don’t think I can get away with them just yet! He teamed them with some skinny jeans from River Island and a crochet jumper from Primark with no vest underneath it so again I was FREEZING! The leather jacket also made another appearance.

Friday: Friday I felt so underdressed Scott put me in a red t-shirt from River Island, skinny jeans from Topshop and a pair of old Converse- note he did not give me a coat to wear. I was thankful it was the end of the week, I love my boyfriend very much but not enough to dress me!

Scott’s Verdict: I have had to endure my fair share of tantrums and sometimes waited hours for her to decide what to wear so when she talked herself into this challenge I jumped at the opportunity. With hope I could cut down my waiting time and the tantrums “I’ve got nothing to wear” I thought this is going to be easy, how wrong I was. As soon as I opened the wardrobe I was faced with an avalanche of clothes. My fashion sense is non-existent and this became more apparent as the days went on. However, I did enjoy the week and after the first day I got the hang of it and it was great to actually arrive somewhere on time!

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