Chloe, My First Runway Show


There is only one word to describe your first experience at your favourite designers runway show- amazing.

Just minutes before we arrived, me and my boyfriend Daniel asked the taxi driver to circle the block too see what to expect when we got out. The street was congested with people. Not just ordinary people, the confident fashionista kind that you only see in magazines. They were stood tall and were immaculately but eccentrically dressed head to toe in Chloe (real competition for my Zara outfit).

Of course where there are superior people, there are floods of paparazzi surrounding them, which can make someone who’s already nervous a complete wreck.

 It was like ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ where Miranda Priestly steps out of the car into an active crowd of fashion hungry people, except I wasn’t Miranda, or even her assistant. Nevertheless, photographers from all over the world still snapped us stepping out the taxi just in case we were international superstar’s they had never come across before.

 Feeling totally out of place I whipped out my large golden invite and entered the large French primary school. As we were half an hour early we just watched the hollow room slowly come to life.

 After about five minutes, supermodel Coco Rocha gracefully walked to her seat stopping on the flat runway that looked as though it was made out of sand. She posed for a while letting the paparazzi take their images of her. Secondly Rapper Iggy Azalea walked by completely as though she was just anybody, she just sat in her seat and waited.

Around 15 minutes passed and I surprisingly felt totally at home. Then, Daniel suddenly said ‘Claire look, there is that Olivia you always go on about!’ and right in front of me stood my ultimate style icon Olivia Palermo looking for her seat, which also happened to be right in front of me.

 I carefully debated going up to her for what seemed like hours and then realised that I would never forgive myself if I missed the golden opportunity to meet Olivia. Passing the camera to Daniel, I asked Olivia for a photograph and told her how much I admired her style, she thanked me and complimented my outfit.

 Then the show began, and I honestly can’t remember much about the clothes (I know) just being star struck, incredibly excited and the happiest I have ever been in my life.

 The show wasn’t even about the clothes for me. Although they were extraordinary, it was just completely about the overwhelming atmosphere, the fashionable people and the shock of actually feeling at home.

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