My Relationship With… High Heels

Cinderella's infamous glass heel
Mr Big and the pair of Manolo Blahnik's that reunited him with Carrie Bradshaw
My dream pair of Louboutins this autumn winter season, but at £845? Maybe not.

‘Give a girl the right shoe and she can conquer the world,’ said Marilyn Monroe. And believe me, that shoe was never a kitten heel.

The shoe in question has to be a high heel. Now, I love to hate high heels. I love them perched gracefully on their pedestal in the shop, glistening and screaming at me to buy them, but then hate the severe pain and additional four inches they add onto my already tall frame.

The stiletto was designed in the 1950s by Roger-Henri Vivier – a man. Of course it was a man that designed a shoe which firms your ass, gives a false illusion as to how long your legs are and generally gives you a sexy aura that no other accessory can bring.

‘The bigger, the better’, is true for many things in life, no more so than the stiletto, wedge, platform, whatever you wish to call the thing of beauty that sits so painfully on the end of your foot.

Victoria Beckham once said that she cannot concentrate in a flat shoe and we share your bunion induced pain there, Mrs. B. Why do those four inches of extra gravity boost your confidence, elevate your esteem and assist in the ever turbulent conquest of talking to the opposite sex? Yes they can make your legs look longer, but what it comes down to in the end is your self-confidence, sans stiletto.

However, I shamefully admit they make me more confident. I do have to adopt a discreet squat position for the majority of the night as they make me taller than the average male, but it’s better than wearing a pair of neither here nor there heels that make me look frumpy (or so I tell myself.)

On average women wear heels from the age of 12 – 63, so it seems for the road ahead the stiletto will be remaining firmly on my foot, let’s just hope it is not a cobbled one!

Finally, the College of Podiatry found in a study that nearly 20million women in the UK have foot conditions caused by high heels, such as joint pain and ankle injuries. But surely the pain is worth it? Even the risk of suffering shortened calf muscles and spinal misalignment will not stop me from wearing that perfect pair of stilettos, or dare I say it, one day… a red soled pair.

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