My Relationship With… Topshop


I step inside the store and that is it. It’s like I’m lost but in a good way, nothing else seems to matter. All my worries disappear and for that moment I just feel complete.

It’s almost like an addiction, I get my quick fashion fix and then I’m good to go. But it’s not just any old shopping fix for the average shopaholic, I’m a Topshop’aholic (that’s right) and only the best will do.

The adrenaline starts to pump as I’m walking towards the entrance and passing the immaculate mannequins in the window – dressed head to toe in the latest trends. What if I can’t carry everything I need? What if they don’t have something in my size? Pandemonium.

The nerves are tinged with a guilt feeling of sacrificing my monthly food shop to pursue this fashionable relationship. It’s enough to drive me crazy, and hungry in this case too. But surely this doesn’t come close to what it would feel like to actually leave these clothes behind? I mean, how could I? I guess that is something I will never know the answer to…

I find myself completely relating to the way in which they describe themselves as a brand. ‘Our love of fashion has no bounds’ – My relationship with them definitely has no bounds either. It is accessible wherever I am and wherever I go. It’s in the shops, in my wardrobe, on my laptop, and on the app on my phone. It’s by far the most loyal relationship I’ve ever had and I know they’re not just going to run away from me when times get a little hard.

I don’t know what it was that made me fall so hard for them and I can’t even begin to put into words my love for all of their clothes. They are just so me and I only have eyes for them. Don’t get me wrong, I do look at other high street clothes and think they are attractive too, but deep down I just know that I wouldn’t feel as good wearing them. My friends are also very supportive of my relationship and are always going in my wardrobe to find something to borrow.

‘Our cool girl aesthetic is all about mixing up styles and turning the fashion rulebook on its head! With one eye on the catwalk and the other firmly on awesome street style, our seasonal collections are ideal for creating beautifully individual looks.’ It really is like they know me inside out; they know exactly what styles I love and exactly what suits me – before I even know myself.

It’s amazing how buying one item of clothing from Topshop can lift my mood faster than anyone else. I’ll always remember my first ever purchase… a pretty, embellished, teal party dress for New Year’s Eve. The addiction has been intact for almost five years now, and it was right then that I realised what pump-your-heart-rate kind of shopping was. To me, Topshop isn’t just a fashion store, it’s an emotion.

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