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River Island leopard print platform ankle boots, £60
Topshop faux fur coat, £89
River Island leopard print scrunchie, £5
ASOS Cheap Monday midi dress in leopard print, £60
Zara two tone furry and leather bucket bag, £109

Picture the scene, I was walking down Sunset Boulevard and I’d never felt as cool as I did at that time.

No one had ever looked as cool as I looked at that time. You see I had the outfit to end all outfits on. A Marc Jacobs T-shirt, shiny black Doc Martens shoes with silver ankle socks, and my piece de resistance, a leopard print A.P.C skirt.

It was at that point that I realised, nothing makes me feel the way leopard print does.

And that’s the reason I love leopard print. After all, is there anything that oozes cool more than leopard print? For me the answer is no. I love it. It can do no wrong. Even if it’s sometimes slightly tacky, I’ll still say, “Yeah, but in a good way”.

I wish I could say that my love for all things leopard print comes from some deep and meaningful event in my past, or a glamorous grandmother who always wore it. But I can’t. It’s just the way it makes me feel when I’m wearing it.

A dress, scarf, top — anything. If it’s leopard print, I automatically feel more stylish. Or hip. Even saying ‘hip’ doesn’t feel too wrong when wearing leopard print.

If I had to pinpoint when my obsession began I’d probably say sometime in 2005. I was in love with Pete Doherty, and he was in love with Kate Moss.

In turn I became obsessed with Moss— and she wore leopard print. I was 16 and desperate to look as rock and roll as Kate.

I remember buying a leopard print T-shirt from Topshop and wearing it to see a friends band on my first night out in Newcastle. My rock and roll dream was a reality.

Maybe it’s that association, and those memories that keep my love affair with leopard print going eight years on. Or maybe it’s more about attitude. Wild and exciting, a chance to escape my usual day-to-day role of taxes advisor and twenty-something-year-old student.

I like the element of glamour that leopard print gives to an outfit. Looking glamorous or sexy isn’t something that comes easy or naturally to me. I have more weight related body issues than I care to mention, and a complex about being too tall in heels.

I very rarely have my bare legs out, so nights out usually involve eighty denier tights and flat shoes. Not-at-all glam. But when I put on a leopard print dress, shorts, or whatever; all of a sudden I’m transformed. I go from casual frump, to chic goddess; even if I do say so myself.

But most of all, the thing I like most is the way it makes me feel. Like I can do anything or go anywhere. It’s my security blanket. It can make me feel like even in LA, no one looks as cool as me. And who doesn’t want to feel like that?

Above are my top 5 leopard print picks from the High Street.

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