Waterproof Your Wardrobe In Style

Parka, £84.99, Ark.
Short Parka, £35, Ark.
Heeled Chelsea Boots, £24.99, New Look.
Original Gloss Wellies, £89, Hunter.
Biker Boots, £19, ASOS.
Imitation Leather Trousers, £24.99, H&M.
Coated Jeans, Mango, £34.99.

Everyone knows that practicality and fashion don’t mix. It’s just our luck that we live in a country with the most unpredictable weather known to man and the next month or two seems to be no exception with the final stages of Winter set to be unforgiving on the forecast front.

An annoyingly recurring question always stands before us. Do we go for the practical, or the high-fashion Vogue-approved one?

To make matters worse, there’s only a handful of coats that look halfway decent with a hood. Bikers look drab with one, duffle coats are too cutesy and tailored coats just don’t look right with one. Trenchcoats are the posh reincarnations of your childhood anorak, but even that lacks a hood.

Then there’s the trouser issue. Forgive me Mother for not wearing the Regatta waterproof trousers, but I just don’t want to look like I’m going hiking when I’m just popping out to the shops.

As for footwear, rainstorms completely eliminate any kind of open-toed or cut-out shoes. This limits us to boots. It’s not a bad limitation, but it’s important to remember that suede does not work in wet weather.

However, there are a few examples of clothing that may just work well in wet weather.

The Parka is generally oversized with fluffy shearling lining to keep us warm and snug. Best of all, it has a hood that doesn’t look ridiculous. In fact, it looks sort of cute, and transports us back to the simpler times of South Park and Oasis.

Leather trousers (or coated jeans if you’re unsure) can be worn instead of those waterproof trousers hikers like so much. Leather (or faux) and the coating on jeans are practically waterproof, so you won’t get the cold-knees syndrome that you get when you wear jeans.

For footwear, boots are always a good option. Of course, wellingtons are the ideal, but if you want a change try ankle or riding boots.

Above are our top picks for you to make a splash in rainwear this season.

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