My Relationship With… My Wardrobe


Every now and then I get an urge, and if my mind is set on something I cannot concentrate until this is done. Examples of these urges are alphabetising my films, gutting my room and my most recent cleaning out my closet.

This is my one urge I fail to complete, as many people know I am a secret hoarder this includes hundreds of magazines, books, clothes, birthday cards- anything that can be kept I will! And I will make sure I hold on to that for as long as I possibly can or until my mum or boyfriend convinces me it is time to let go.

In my room I have a single wardrobe and a chest of four drawers, which within I keep 20 years worth of clothes, so you can imagine the struggle I face adding more clothes to my wardrobe.

On Monday after spending what seemed like hours having a tantrum at the fact my wardrobe was just too small, I had finally given up and lay with my head in my wardrobe sulking. Which was when I had the urge, to finally clean out my wardrobe.

At first I sat staring into the small space that held so many dear memories to me, the soft green dress my nana had bought me when I was just a little girl, the purple sari I had thought was so cool and even my christening dress which lay crumpled in the back.

I knew this was going to be a challenge, how do you make space for the next 20 years I thought?

The hours began to pass by and I had soon become fed up, how could I get rid of the soft green dress my nana had bought me? The one thing that brought back my cherished memories of her.

I couldn’t and so I emptied the box of books from under my bed and began to fill it with my old clothes (only the ones I thought I NEEDED most.) In went my green dress that lay next to my primary t-shirt that had small scribbles of good luck in secondary school on.

I was beginning to feel a sense of accomplish and I was starting to see room for the pair of trousers I had just bought. One whole day, three charity bags and a box later and I was finished and now I have an excuse to buy even more clothes.

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